Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ladybug, Ladybug...

Ladybugs are so darn cute -- they are little, fly and are polka dotted -- really what more could you want?  So I made a bunch of these to package up for clients -- its a perfect hostess gift.

I used my chocolate brownie cookie recipe for these cutie bugs.  I think this recipe is best for smaller cookies because they are so moist so larger cookies could be too heavy and break.

Roll out the dough.  I got this cookie cutter from Copper Gifts.  The cookies are about 1.5" x 1.5" and a perfect bite size that is still big enough to decorate reasonably

Materials Needed for Decorating:

  • royal icing -- I cannot stress enough how much I love the royal icing when made with Ateco meringue powder
  • piping bag
  • piping bottle for flooding the cookies and the dots
  • gel colours of your choice -- I used red, black but I think these would be cute in pink too
  • white non-perils
  • black AmeriColour Gourmet Writer
  • tweezers

1.  In black, outline wings and put a line down the middle.
2.  Pipe the head and add two white non-perils for the eyes.
3.  Flood the wings with red.

4.  Add black polka dots with a thinned out black icing (I think pink heart sprinkles could also look fun) and a small dot on the eyeballs with an edible marker.
I think these turned out CUTE AS A BUG and hope you do too!

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