Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sock Monkey Love

I had tons of stuffed animals as a kid, but only two have survived -- an original Snoopy and this sock monkey, "Trixie".  Who knew that sock monkeys would be even more popular today then they were when I was growing up? So when thinking of cute Valentine's Day cookie ideas that fit the theme but break from the heart tradition, I thought of the timelessness of the sock monkey --with a little heart, of course.
Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

Cut and bake your cookies according to the recipe.
Materials Needed for Decorating:
  • royal icing -- my new favorite royal icing is made with Ateco meringue powder (white or no colour for hat, hands, feet & mouth)
  • large heart sprinkles
  • candy eyes
  • brown & white crystal sugar and brown sand sugar (mixed 1/3 each)
  • large red round sprinkles
  • clear corn syrup
  • paint and pastry brushes
  • candy tweezer

Using a # 3 tip, pipe in hat, mouth, hands and feet.

Add a red round candy sprinkle for the mouth.

Brush clear corn syrup on the cookie and cover with sanding sugars.

Add the final details of eyes and the heart and let dry over night before packaging and sharing with your LOVE ones.

This if forsure my new favorite cookie.  It's cute and fun and reminds me of my childhood.

Did you have a sock monkey as a kid?  Let me know and have great weeks planning something special for Valentine's Day.

I will try to post some other ideas on the Flour Child Facebook site [+] during the week.

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  1. I was obsessed with sock monkeys when I was little! So cute...