Friday, February 25, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To...

...ticket sugar cookies and popcorn brownies.  Oscar parties are becoming so popular.  It is fun to have the your menu reflect the nominated films or movie theme in general.  So in that spirit, I made sugar cookies that look like old fashion movie tickets and put the names of all the nominated best picture films AND brownies decorated like popcorn bags (using a standard vanilla buttercream, red sprinkles for the stripes and mini marshmallows (white and yellow) as well as popcorn flavored jelly belly beans for the popcorn).

I know lots of people fill out Oscar ballots at their parties -- I somehow came across this very cool Oscar Bingo which is a very fun idea to keep guests entertained (other than commenting on the dresses and jewels).  

And the Oscar goes to... eating lots of popcorn (my favorite), cookies and brownies and having a red carpet time with whoever you choose.

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