Saturday, February 12, 2011

Conversation Sweet Hearts

 Remember the old fashion "Sweet Hearts"?  Apparently they have never gone out of fashion (sort of like the sock monkeys) and they are now called "Conversation Hearts".  

So I made some for Valentine's Day but decided they could be great any time! 

I used the second smallest heart cutter from this Wilton set -- the smallest one would have worked too but I thought I could get better "conversation" on the slightly larger one -- and I was right.   

The cookies ended up being around 2" x 1.5" or a perfect bite size cookie with enough room to write fun expressions from the traditional, "kiss me" and "be mine" to the more hi-tech "email me" and "LOL".  

These were fun to make and looked cute all  packaged up.

Have a great SWEET HEART CONVERSATION on Valentine's Day!

Make sure you tell someone (and that someone may be a boyfriend or husband, girlfriend or wife, mother, father, brother, sister, old friend or dog or cat or bird) that you love them.


  1. Hi, I'm your newest follower! Those cookies are adorable and I bet they are delish!! Looking forward to following you! :)