Thursday, October 6, 2011

Now We Are Talking Turkey

Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving and that means I am “Talkin’ Turkey”.  Nice thing about these turkeys is that all the fixins are included and there is no fear that they will be dried out because I used my chocolate brownie cookie recipe

Materials Needed for Decorating:
- candy caramel corn – I used the Thanksgiving colours that you can sometimes find but if not the Halloween one will look just as cute
- small heart sprinkles
- candy eyes
- tweezers
- melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle if you want royal icing will also work
- royal icing – orange and white –- as always I stress how much I like Ateco meringue - --- powder because it takes like marshmallows
- round cookie cutter – any size will work the one I used was about 3” around

Instructions and Tips:

Roll out the dough and bake according to the recipe.

I actually sorta placed everything around the cookie to see how it would look before I stuck everything on – just as practice.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler and pour into squeeze bottle OR melt right in the bottle.
Squeeze a line of melted chocolate (or royal icing) and place caramel corns across the top to form the tail feathers.  Let dry (I actually put in the fridge for a few minutes).

Add the eyes with white royal icing.

Draw an orange triangle for the beak and place the heart sprinkle for the wattle – that thing that hangs down under the beak – who knew it was called a wattle?  My sister-in-law that is who knew because I did not know and called her for vocabulary help (THANKS Jill).

Draw the legs.

If you take time to make these, take a little more time and let me know how they turned out.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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