Friday, November 9, 2012

Just SAY IT in Cookie

When anyone says “Just SAY IT!” it is usually followed by something you don’t really want to hear.

In this case though, it is followed in cookie – so it is just want you want to hear – something sweet (even if it says something not so nice;). I have made these Thought Bubble cookies before but I could not resist sharing these because I just loved the way they turned out. I can't help notice the difference in the quality of the cookies -- not sure if it because I'm getting a little better at decorating OR if it is my favorite PME 1.5 tip that makes lettering WAY easier.

These cookies were for my sister-in-law’s 50th 35th birthday.  We really did want to wish her all the best so came up with all kinds of fun birthday greetings like:

  •  Happy Birthday!
  • ·      You Look Marvelous
  • ·      Skip Around The Room
  • ·      WOW!
  • ·      This is What 35 Looks Like
  • ·      HB2U HB2U HB DU HB2U
  • ·      & on & on
I keep thinking of more and more ideas for this thought bubble cookie cutter.  I’m thinking they would be great saying Thank You, Love You, Will You Marry Me?, etc.  I would love to make these cookies as placecards for a fun party – “You’re At Table #1” or “Shelly, Sit Here!”. 

What would you like to “say in cookie”?

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