Tuesday, May 1, 2012

‘Sup Dawg & Burger Cookies

Sometimes people ask me where I come up with my cookie ideas.  Truth is I think and dream in cookies.  You have an event and I can come up with a fun idea for cookies or desserts. 

Now some of the inspiration comes from a theme, often it comes from some of my favorite baking blogger or frequently its just a crazy idea…

So when I saw my nephew wearing this t-shirt I knew they had to become a cookie.  It’s his favorite t-shirt that he got at Target.  I think he loves it because it is very Randy American Idol and also sorta funny -- just like him. 

May is BBQ month so really this just makes so much sense.  All of these cookie cutters are from CopperGifts.  I never made the hamburger or hot dog cookies but loved the way they came out.  There is something awesome about the cookie cutters from CopperGifts -- not sure if it is the size or the shape but they are just so fun to decorate -- like the hot dog with mustard I mean really does it get any cuter?

The cartoon bubble is one of my favorite cookie cutters.  So many things can be said in cookies and with this cookie cutter they really can be said (Thank You, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You...).  I’m still waiting for someone to order them as table seat tags – like “You’re At Table 7” – see how I think in cookies (and digress).

If you are planning any BBQs and would like to order these cookies – “Be In Touch Dawg”.

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