Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photo Cookies

Today is my brother’s birthday!  It’s a milestone birthday so I thought I would make him some special cookies.  My brother is a great guy with a million hobbies including hiking, skiing, sailing, canoeing, watching the Toronto Maple Leafs, etc...  He is an amazing dad, attentive husband, wonderful son, not-so-mean-anymore older brother and a really nice friend.  I think he deserves some fun cookies for this most auspicious occasion.  

I love the idea of combining pictures and cookies so this gave me the perfect excuse to play around with my new printer with edible ink and frosting sheets.  Lucky that I found this picture of him fishing at the cottage because even today he can often be found at the end of the dock fishing with his kids.  

Much to my surprise when researching the mystery transferring digital images to edible frosting paper I quickly learned that it’s a regular printer that uses edible ink and frosting paper.  There is a list of compatible printers but the list is large and many Canon and Epson printers work.

How cute are these cookies?  I guess I can’t really take credit for these cute pictures of my brother doing some of his favorite things – fishing at the cottage, playing hockey or spending time with his family.  But hey, I made the cookies;)

Here is how I made them.

Materials Needed for Decorating:
- scanned picture on frosting paper
- cookies white iced
- clear corn syrup
- pastry brush
- white royal icing
- white crystal sugar

Instructions and Tips:

Bake and white ice sugar cookies – I used a 3” square or 3” round cookie cutter.

Print image and cut out to size.

Brush cookie with clear corn syrup and carefully place image on cookie.

Pipe a boarder and dip in crystal sugar.  I did each cookie boarder a little different because I liked a simple boarder on the hockey cookie, sugar on the fishing one and scallops or flowers on the family picture.

I love the way these cookies worked out but not as much as I love my brother.  Happy Birthday Gary!

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